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Cellar Conversions

Waterproofing Solutions and Basement conversions

Basement/cellars have traditionally been greatly underused due to the dampness within this area. When you think about it, this can involve up to a third of the available floor space in the building.

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Basement/cellar conversions are increasingly popular and we at Marston Timber Preservation have everything you need to complete the job.

No two basements are the same and therefore a range of waterproofing solutions are necessary.. Generally, there are tow main methods used, high density polystyrene membrane's or structural waterproofing (Tanking).

High density membrane's provide an air gap between the membrane and wall, which allows free water to run behind it. The finished floor surface has a membrane all of which are connected to an aqua channel along the perimeter walls. Water entering the building through the walls and floor is controlled behind the membrane's and diverted to the aqua channel at the base of the walls which accepts the water at all points diverting it into a suitable drainage point, either natural or a sump where a mechanical pump can be used to extract all excess water to a suitable drainage point.

Following the introduction British Standards 8102 (1990) "Protection of Structures against water from the ground", cavity membrane's are generally accepted. They are able to deal with aggressive ground water conditions either for slight damp problems through flooring, to contamination or salting problems. The membrane can even be used as a barrier to Radon Gas.

As there is little or no preparation for the membrane system, it is quick to install and decorations can be applied immediately, as no drying out process is required.

The system employed by Marston Timber Preservation has been used in many situations, highly successful from small domestic basement situations to major waterproofing projects. There is rarely a dampness or water ingress problem that can not be solved by the membrane system.

Marston Timber Preservation are able to design a system to cope with a variety of structures and water proofing problems. The first step is for a surveyor to inspect the basement - cellar area, to discuss the needs of the client which is followed by assessment, design and finally cost.