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To serve is our duty; to serve well is our aim.

Marston Timber Preservation is a founder member of the British Chemical Damp Proofing Association, now part of the BWPDA, membership no 5296

Marston Timber Company VanMarston Timber Preservation are also members of the AAWU (Association of Accredited Wykamol Users). Membership of the BWPDA is dependant on conforming to minimum requirements laid down for surveyors qualifications, technicians training, compliance will all applicable legislation having adequate insurance.

Both BWPDA and AAWU monitor our performance by means of regular inspections of office procedure and contracts in progress so as to ensure codes of practice are being adhered to the quality of work and professionalism meet high standards.


Marston Timber Preservation began trading in 1977 in the Shard End part of Birmingham moving to its present base in Knowle, as the business prospered. As you will see from our website, the range of services extend beyond Timber treatments and Damp Proof Courses. These cover, where necessary, full timber replacement, timber epoxy engineering, internal and external joinery replacement, below ground waterproofing, condensation solutions, solid floor renewals including soluble sulphate contaminated solid floors.

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Those needing the services of a specialist company involved in remedial treatment of buildings will have some difficulty in deciding which company to use. The legislation designed to protect the customer against unqualified contractors is inadequately enforced. Whether the company has surveyors or technicians which are sufficiently qualified to carry out their duties is dependant on the attitudes of individual contractors.

The remedial treatment industry has, for a number of years been perceived to contain unqualified and unscrupulous contractors with some justification. However, the core of the industry consists of a large number of professional, responsible contractors whose aim it is to give total satisfaction in all areas in which they operate. It is these contractors who endeavour to supply greater consumer protection and enforce higher standards within the industry despite a very competitive market

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