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Damp Proof Course survey

Damp Proof Course

It is important for a trained and experienced surveyor to investigate and properly identify the causes of dampness, whether they be from Rising Damp or Penetrating Damp, prior to the commencement of any remedial works that are needed.

The surveyor will firstly carry out an inspection using an electronic moisture meter. However, this does not prove the presence of Rising dampness, the reason can be due to salt contamination, condensation or Penetrating dampness. A visual inspection both internally and externally will either prove or eliminate the sources of dampness not associated with Rising damp.

Our surveyor may recommend that a calcium carbide meter test be carried out. Being qualified, our surveyors can carry out this test themselves. These tests will require drill samples being taken from the affected walls using specialised equipment to determine the moisture content of the sample being taken.

Once our surveyor has determined the cause of the dampness, a full report, estimate and drawing will be submitted recommending necessary remedial works and treatments.

The injection system used by Marston Timber Preservation is an injection mortar, cementitious damp proof course system. Mixed with water to form a slurry and applied by a chalking gun to predrilled holes. These holes being drilled to the mortar joint into the brick which are then re-pointed, eliminating the need for plastic plugs fitted into the wall.