Condensation Moulds Solihull West Midlands
Condensation Moulds Solihull West Midlands

Condensation & Moulds

Probably one in two of all calls our surveyors will make regarding dampness in buildings, is due to condensation. The cause of condensation is a lack of ventilation within the property associated with temperature fluctuations within the building. Warm air is able to retain more moisture vapour than cold air and condensation occurs when warm air reaches cold surfaces, and at that point, known as the "dew point", warm air cools allowing condensation to form of cooler surfaces, which then form into water droplets. This will be mainly on impervious surfaces such as glass and ceramic tiles etc however, on porous surfaces such as wall paper and plaster etc, water droplets will be absorbed allowing the Black Mould Growth Aspergils niger to grow on walls, clothes and soft furnishing's etc.


Condensation MouldsThere are many types of moulds, the most common types being Aspergillus spp, Cladosporium spp and Pecicillum spp.

Habitat found on the surface of damp wood, plaster, wallpaper, paint or even clothes and bedclothes, feeding on free sugars or surface deposits of detritus.

Surface growths of downy powdery spores of various colours, dependant on species form. Some can be mistaken for Serpula lacrymans.

Treatment Ventilation is essential to encourage the drying our process. Locate and eliminate the source of dampness and apply a fungicidal wash to all surfaces. Remove damaged decorations but do not redecorate until surfaces are thoroughly dry. No easy solutions are available, success can only be achieved by applying all options available.

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Being an Agent of Nuaire Home Ventilation systems allows Marston Timber Preservation to carry out site surveys to ascertain the extent of the problem and suitable recommendations. Should it be required an estimate can be submitted for Nuaire Ventilation Systems.

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